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Afghan Women Are Being Tortured Under the Rule of US Puppets

On 9th August 2010, the Time Magazine published an Afghan girl’s photo with the caption “If we leave Afghanistan, this is what will happen”. This Afghan girl, Aisha, had her ears and nose mutilated by the savage Taliban for the crime of love and running away from home. This cover was published in order to persuade American people to support the permanent presence of US troops in Afghanistan. This misuse of Afghan women’s miseries has turned into a normal routine for US officials and the Western media.

The US not only did not leave Afghanistan, but it also legalized its permanent bases through its lackeys. But now even the Afghan children know that the presence of US in our country is the main reason for the misery, instability, and unprecedented growth of terrorism, corruption, drug mafia, and warlords. Afghan women are the prime and easiest victims. It is now well-known that both the fascist Taliban and the corrupt government are essentially the same, one is secretly supported by the US and the other, officially. Everyone knows that if Taliban become useless for the US, it will throw them away whenever it wants. For now, the US needs a corrupt and shaky government, as well as the Taliban, ISIS, and warlords. The US, therefore, gives millions of dollars to Pakistan so it could nurture and train its Taliban creations.

Our history has witnessed only several times, the crimes that were committed in Afghanistan in the presence of the US forces and more than forty other countries. In the past fourteen years, based on statistics of authentic sources, more than 250,000 have been killed in Afghanistan in the most outrageous manners. The beheading of our seven innocent Hazara men, women and children in Urzgan is that latest of these shocking crimes.

In 2001 when the US wanted to invade Afghanistan the western media played Zarmina’s execution by the Taliban in Kabul’s sports stadium thousands of times, shamelessly pretending that the US and NATO invasion of Afghanistan was to take place in order to save women from this disaster. Today, we will list a few cases of the current horrors in our country against women which proves that the US and NATO have never been the “savior angels”, and our women continued to suffer worse than during the dark period of the Taliban regime.

18th October 2010: In Badghis province Taliban publicly executed a 40-year-old widow accusing her of having an “illicit relationship” with a man. The Taliban claimed that this woman had had an illegal relationship with a man who was supposed to marry her therefore their court had issued her execution. However, the local residents said that the Taliban went to the poor and helpless woman’s house several times asking for ‘illicit’ favors, and when she resisted and complained to government authorities, the Taliban made this plot to kill her.

February 4, 2011: The savage Taliban stoned 23-year-old Sediqa and 28-year-old Abdul Qayum Khayyam in Kunduz’s Archi district for the crime of loving each other, running away from home, and rejecting forced marriage. Mawlawi Imamudddin, Taliban’s governor of Kunduz, took responsibility for the incident, but the government did not take any action except expressing regret.

July 8, 2012: In the Shinwar locality of Ghorband valley in Parwan province, Taliban killed Najiba for having “illicit relationship” with a Talib commander, Mullah Abdul Qader. These savages even uploaded a video of the shooting on YouTube in order to spread fear and terror. Karzai’s government initially promised to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of this crime in order to calm down the anger of the people but just like other promises this case was also forgotten. At the time it was said that Abdul Sattar Khawasi was involved in this crime, too but no one followed up the case.

May 25, 2015: 25-year-old Najiba and 32-year-old Murad were killed for the crime of “adultery”. They were assassinated by Taliban’s governor, Mullah Jura, in the Mardian district of Jawzjan province.

September 13, 2015: A woman and a man were publicly killed by Taliban in Sozma Qala of Sare Pul province for having “illicit relations”. Taliban claimed that both the man and woman were married to other people, but had illegal relationship with one another. However, the government and people denied that such was the case.

Jihadist fundamentalists were not behind their fellow Taliban brothers in gang raping women in the past fourteen years under the rule of the US.

January 27, 2012: Wahid Behishti, a criminal of Wahdat Party and a member of Bamiyan’s provincial council, first raped a young girl, Shakila, and then shot her with a gun. Shakila’s brother followed up this case, but due to the heavy presence of Wahdat Party’s leadership in the corrupt goverment no government institution was willing to follow the case. However, in order to cover up the case the government accused and imprisoned Qurban, Behishti’s security guard, and to this day the actual criminal is living a normal life under the protection of the state, without being questioned, but Shakila’s family is living in constant fear and threats.

August 28, 2014: Seven criminals raped four women in Paghman and stole their jewelries. This heinous crime shocked all the people and the government was informed of the crime two days later. After several days they arrested four of the criminals and then the court issued their death penalty. However, the real criminals of this incident just like other cases remain unpunished because they are under the protection of Rasul Sayyaf.

March 20, 2015: a mob and group of criminals lynched Farkhunda in a preplanned action accusing her of burning the Quran. This group of cruel criminals first beat Farkhunda with stones and then they set fire to her lifeless body. The government arrested several of the criminals and issued their death penalty in a ridiculous court session. In the second court their death penalty was removed and they were sentenced for 22 years. However, there is no doubt that they will be freed in the third court which is proceeding away from the public eye. In this case, as always, several of the first degree murderers evaded justice because they were supported by Jihadi warlords.

The list of these crimes is too long to be put into an article, but does serve as an example to the US and the corrupt government’s intellectual lackeys that claim that the US is the ‘protector’ of the Afghan people.

As long as our people of all ethnicities do not organize and unite in a conscious struggle against foreign occupiers and their internal servants, this bloodshed, destruction, and misfortune of our people will not end. Compatriots, if you want a humane life, rise up and struggle because struggle is the only key to free ourselves from oppression and tyranny.

Link of this article: http://hambastagi.org/new/english-section/readers-column/1614-afghan-women-are-being-tortured-under-the-rule-of-us-puppets.html

Selay Ghaffar
Selay Ghaffar
Mrs. Selay Ghaffar is a Spokesperson for the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan.

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