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The Untold Story of Shah Shaheed Massacre by Survivors

August 10, 2015: The fierce survivors of Shah Shaheed Massacre poured into the streets and chanted slogans against Afghan and US governments. They claim that the Afghan Govt. is hiding the truth of this awful incident. While, it is possible that the real cause of the incident is a missile fired or bomb thrown by US airplane, but the Afghan security forces announced it as suicide bombing. All of the protestors are saying that first they heard a sheering sound of missile, the light went out and then boom. They added, the number of dead ones are more than 100, and corpses are still hidden under the rubble.

Tens of Afghan security forces, including NDS personnel in private outfit, tried to stop the protestors, by spreading amongst the protestors and alluring or even use of violence to silence them. The security forces were acting more violently when the protesters chanting slogans against US Govt. They were encouraging the protestors to only shout against Pakistan.

The Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) will release the complete footage of this protest very soon. Most of the protestors were fierce about the censored reports of the incident by media.

Selay Ghaffar
Selay Ghaffar
Mrs. Selay Ghaffar is a Spokesperson for the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan.

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